Bob and Connie Ringler

Bobby Ringler in 3rd GradeBobby was born in 1951 in Hinton, Oklahoma to George (Junior) Henry Ringler, Jr. and Bessie Dell Marshall John. Bobby grew up in Hydro and attended Hydro Schools. In 1967 Bobby joined the Army and was stationed in Korea during the Vietnam War. In 1969 Bobby returned to Hydro. Bobby worked as a carpenter and a roughneck during the oil boom. In 1974 Bobby married Renee' Russ in Moore, Oklahoma. They had two daughters Shauna and Bobbi Jo. Years later they divorced. In 1980 Connie and Bobby met strangely in an alley and were married five years later on June 27, 1985.

     Bobby has a business called Ringler Remodeling in Hydro. One of  Bobby's greatest accomplishments is the log cabin he built for a couple in Hydro. The log cabin is north of Hydro overlooking the South Canadian River valley. Bobby also has rental property in Hydro, collects antiques and makes collectible wood art for the home and garden.

Connie Grade School PhotoConnie was born in Weatherford, Oklahoma in 1959 to Tim and Noralyn Repp Doughty. Connie attended Weatherford schools and graduated in 1977.  They had a daughter Kodi born August 20, 1988. Connie enjoys helping people cleaning their houses and taking the elderly places.Connie's hobby is genealogy. Check out surnames.

    Shauna, our oldest daughter,  attended Hydro School and graduated in 1990 and finished college in 1998. Shauna is now married to Bryan Jarvis and they have one son, Dylan, and live in Weatherford, Oklahoma. Bobbi Jo attended Hydro School and graduated in 1993. Bobbi Jo is married to Bruce Spitzer and they have two daughters, Destiny and Brittinay, and live in Altus, Oklahoma. Kodi is still going to the Hydro school. Kodi enjoys playing basketball and loves her dog, Glory.

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Bobby and Connie Ringler
Wedding Day - June 27, 1985

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